Specialist Trolley Truck Manufacturers based in Manchester

Alan Stuart Engineering Ltd has been established for over 30 years and it is the leading manufacturer of industrial hand trolleys and hand removal trucks in the North West, UK.

Alan Stuart supply industrial sack trucks to TNT and to a vast majority of the breweries within the UK. All Alan Stuart Engineering products are epoxy powder coated and for no extra cost we weld on your company’s identification or when asked vehicle registration no.

Alan Stuart Engineering are the leading manufacturer of industrial strength aluminium piano trucks in the UK which are designed especially for removal of pianos. The trucks come complete with custom rubber moldings. Our range of piano trolleys is from a standard unit to rough terrain heavy duty piano truck with a variety of wheel and rubber protection enhancements. Theses piano trolleys are of an all welded aluminium construction making it extremely durable and strong.

scaffold trolley

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We at Alan Stuart Engineering, pride ourselves on the high standard of our products and the friendly customer service that we provide.

You will find most of our products on the website, however if there is something that you require but cannot find then please do not hesitate to contact us for it to be custom made.

Alan Stuart Engineering Ltd have been manufacturing industrial strength handling equipment including Industrial Hand Trolleys and Hand Trucks for many years and such items are used vastly within different industries all over the world. Certain hand Trolleys and Hand Trucks are used widely for furniture removal while other style handling trolleys are used within brewery industry. Piano Trolleys, Piano Trucks, Folding Toe Sack Trucks and Carpet Trolleys created by Alan Stuart Engineering Ltd are all popular products.

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