This Alan Stuart Engineering Pallet Fork truck comes with the following specification and makes movement of pallet loads much easier.

  • 2000Kgs capacity.
  • Easy to pull chassis – ideal for regular light duties and in the back of lorries.
  • Hardwearing nylon rollers.
  • Single nylon load rollers for great manoeuvrability.
  • Totally sealed pump unit (impervious against air, water or dirt) incorporating an overload release valve.
  • One – piece “C” section forks for greater strength.
  • Fully adjustable push rods to aid level running.
  • Powder coated paint finish for longer life.
  • Bushed metal to metal parts

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pallet truck
Options Fork Size Capacity Weight
450 x 1220 2000Kgs 72Kgs
(Euro Pallet) 540 x 1000 2000Kgs 78Kgs
(Euro Pallet) 540 x 1150 2000Kgs 81Kgs
540 x 1220 2000Kgs 83Kgs
680 x 1000 2000Kgs 81Kgs
680 x 1220 2000Kgs 86Kgs