Product Code: CKBAP / CKBAGT

Made for the brewery industry. It has a height adjustable solid barrel latch to hold kegs in place.

It can carry one 22 gallon keg with an 11 gallon on top and with it’s versatile design the keg truck can double to carry cases of wine & crates of beer.

In addition the Aluminium version is fitted with a stair skid, and 10mm thick aluminium toe plate and is approximately one third lighter than the standard steel keg truck.

For more information on aluminium trucks or custom built trolleys then please contact us.

Height: 1250mm
Width: 550mm
Toe Plate: 150mm
Capacity: 350Kgs
Wheels: CKBAP – 10″ Pneumatic WheelsCKBAGT – 10″ Puncture Proof Wheels
Weight: CKBAP 13 Kg / CKBAGT 14 Kg

We don’t cut cornersso you can turn corners, safely!

Alan Stuart Engineering Keg Barrel Trucks conform to the Manual Handling Regulations.

Quality and safety forms the basis of our designs